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Industry Development

High Hope Group, adhering to the development principle of larger and stronger main business with appropriate diversification, has developed business sectors in trade, real estate, investment, manufacturing, logistics, services, etc. It has established extensive economic and trade relationships with over 200 countries and regions around the world, and held a leading position in export and import of textile and apparel, pulp paper and wood panels, ship and electromechanical equipment. Implementing the “Going Global” and “the Belt and Road” strategy and participating in international economic cooperation via multiple channels, High Hope Group has effectively advanced the internationalization progress. Adhering to the principle of “big customer, bulk commodity, key business”, the domestic trade has also realized rapid and strong developments. The group has built regional advantages in commodities such as electrolytic copper, fuel oil. The real estate sector has emerged quickly with simultaneous and healthy progresses in villa, condominium and commercial property projects as well as increasing brand influences. The group has taken controlling stakes in manufacturing subsidiaries in both upstream and downstream industries and held the share of security, banking, insurance and guaranty industries. The group has reaped excellent returns on investments and laid solid foundation for the upgrading and transformation.

Industry Development

Trade Service

High Hope Group has established extensive economic and trade relationships with over 200 countries and regions around the world and participated in international economic cooperation via multiple channels to implement the "Going Global" strategy. The domestic trade has realized rapid and strong ...

Industry Development

Modern Logistics

The group aims to construct a modern logistics infrastructure system of networking, informationization and lean management, construct high value-added logistics facilities such as cold chain logistics and integrate general logistics by acting as the fourth party logistics platform. The group ...

Industry Development

Industrial Investment

The group has more than 30 production enterprises and had formed good industrial base in textile and garment, renewable resources, energy, exhibition, logistics, etc. As a result, the synergistic effect and competitive advantage of investment business sector is highly increased...

Industry Development

Real Estate

After experiencing years of market immersion, the real estate sector of High Hope Group has achieved leapfrog development and the "Nanjing-based, Jiangsu-oriented and Nation-minded" operational structure has started to take shape. The group has developed various types of villa, condominium and commercial ...

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